About Us

Our Philosophy

At Kotobuki we believe that there is no such thing as the best, only better. We can only better ourselves each day. It is this passion for continuous improvement, embodied in the world-renowned Kaizen principle that has helped us remain at the forefront of Japanese Restaurants in Singapore since 1981.

At Kotobuki we live to serve you better. We take our service and food quality very seriously, almost like a religion. The satiation seen on the faces of our customers is the highest priority for everything we do at Kotobuki. As our saying goes, “a satisfied customer is our best motivation and reward”.
We differentiate ourselves with our specialty Kanto cuisine.

Our Chef

Kotobuki's culinary team is led by Master Chef Murata Tomoya, who hails from Fukuoka, Japan and has over 20 years of experience in preparing a variety of traditional Japanese delicacies. He is a fully licensed and qualified chef in the preparation of Fugu (Blowfish), a rare delicacy. Specialising in Izakaya or casual dining and the famous Kyoto-style of cooking, Murata Tomoya also demonstrates a mastery of creating exquisite traditional multi-course Japanese dinners, and displays flawless execution in preparation.

Kotobuki's Executive Chef, Ogura Hiromi, has over 18 years of experience and had culinary stints in many famous restaurants, particularly in Gifu. His area of focus lies in Kaiseki or fine dining and Nagoya cuisine, which is unique and tasty. He is also a master in the ancient tradition of Ookusa Kakunshin-Ryu and Hotoshiki, a spiritual kitchen knife ceremony with a history of over 400 years. With this impressive combination, Ogura Hiromi demonstrates a high degree of precision in his preparation in addition to offering up tasty Japanese specialties.

Our History

We have served Singapore’s food enthusiasts since 1981. We are as faithfully Japanese as it can get!

Our first outlet in Jurong was started by our Japanese family promoters.It still remains a very popular dining place with 8 private dining rooms and has a total seating capacity of approximately 100pax.

We then went on to open another branch at Liang Court, which is now moved to Shenton Way. The Shenton Way branch has 5 private dining rooms, all rooms combine can seat up to 40 guests! Total seating capacity in the restaurant is about 100pax.

Our new branch opened in June 2013 in Zhong Shan Mall. The Zhong Shan Mall branch has 9 private dining rooms with a total seating capacity of approximately 115pax.

Our Team

At Kotobuki we always treat each other like an extended family. We have a friendly yet well-trained team of F&B professionals. Our team has worked together for a number of years. It is not surprising that we know most of our regular customers by name. The advantage such a team brings with it is their precise knowledge of what you expect from us.